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#mispoon says: 10% maximum weight loss, is what we achieve by correcting any thyroid hormone deficit in hypothyroidism

The idea that being overweight or obese is a diagnostic criterion of hypothyroidism comes from medical textbooks dating from 1883 (Ord WM. Report of a committe of the society nominated december 14, 1883, to investigate the subject of myxoedam. Trans Clin Soc Lon 1883:21:298-300.)

However, even if nowadays a recent progressive weight gain justifies a thyroid function work-up, patients have still the tendency to justify their extra kilos with a so-called thyroid malfunction. Is it true?

Well, a big study in 2005, with 4082 danish subjects showed that lower thyroid function even if in normal ranges, was related with an average +5.5kg in women.(Knudsen et al J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2005;90:4019-24.)

Another study showed that between obese patients, those with lower thyroid function had the lower also basal metabolic rate, e.g. lazier metabolism (Tagliaferri M et al Obes Res 2001;9:196-201.)

However, we have never found that any correction of thyroid malfunction will produce a weight loss of more than 10%, except from cases with important malfunctions provoking oedemas.

So let’s guide ourselves correctly and start working towards a better body, a healthier body!

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