A new approach to weight-loss

Kick-start your weight loss journey with the Allurion Balloon

What is the Allurion Balloon?

A soft balloon that is placed in your stomach. It is the first swallowable gastric balloon that requires no surgery, endoscopy*, or anesthesia

Allurion is designed to help you reduce your food intake by taking up space in your stomach and kick-start your new, healthier lifestyle choices

Lose an average of 10 to 15% of your initial body weight in 16 weeks thanks to the balloon and a fully supported lifestyle program1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

How does the Allurion Balloon work?

The balloon takes up space in your stomach and creates a feeling of fullness. This takes away hunger and means you eat less food at mealtimes.1

How is the Allurion Balloon placed?

The balloon is placed during a 20-minute consultation with your doctor.11 You swallow a capsule that contains the deflated balloon. The capsule is attached to a thin tube. There is no need for surgery, endoscopy*, or anesthesia. A simple X-ray is used to make sure the capsule is in the right position.

Once the capsule is in your stomach, your doctor will use the tube to fill the balloon with liquid. You will have a second X-ray to confirm the balloon is filled and that the placement is complete. Your doctor will then gently remove the tube and you’ll be on your way. With the balloon in your stomach, you will be able to eat less food without feeling hungry.

After approximately 16 weeks inside your stomach, a time-activated release valve will open, allowing the balloon to empty and pass naturally through your digestive system (also known as your gastrointestinal tract) when you use the toilet.1 * It’s a convenient and safe way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle. In rare cases, the empty balloon may be vomited, although startling, vomiting of the balloon has not been associated with any reported adverse events to date.

Why choose Dr Dimitrios Samaras?

Dr Dimitrios Samaras is the first Allurion accredited physician in all the French-speaking part of Switzerland.
He has been already working with weight-loss patients for many years and he has developed his own nutritional program called , combining the need for a “lifestyle “ revision with evidence-based medicine. The combination of science, represented by the  method, and technology, represented by the balloon Elipse, will give you the best chance for efficient, long-lasting nutritional changes and sustainable weight loss. His experience in nutrition, metabolic chronobiology and nutritional behavior will help you take advantage of the “honeymoon period” created by the Elipse balloon, in the most optimal way.

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*In rare cases, the Allurion Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal. In rare cases, the empty balloon may be vomited instead of passing through the GI tract.

**The Allurion Balloon must be used in conjunction with a supervised nutrition and behavior modification programme. Allurion advises a 6-month follow-up programme. Its duration is defined by the physician and may vary depending on the physician and patient profile.

***Results may vary from one patient to another. A small percentage of patients don’t respond to the treatment.

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